Dan Butterfield – Resume 

31 El Paseo, Mill Valley, CA 94941 iPhone: 415-747-6689. danbutterfield8@gmail.com


Join Apple in a role that supports Pacific Rim, carrier management, telecom or marketing efforts.


Editor ProCamera App Blog

Editor/Founder of iPhonAsia – a non-commercial blog covering iPhone in Asia with particular emphasis in China.  Over the course of my career, I’ve held senior management positions with P&L responsibility.  Perhaps most relevant to the Apple Partner Manager Asia posting, I have been a Director of Major Accounts and a Product Manager responsible for development of Web 2.0 applications sold through national sales channels. For a complete review of my employment history and work experience, see > Dan Butterfield Career Profile  


  • Subject matter expert in the mobile telecom industry in Asia
  • Familiar with political and cultural aspects of doing business throughout Asia
  • Strong analytical and communications capabilities
  • Proactive problem-solver – manages tasks and issues to meet business objectives
  • Skilled relationship manager – handles issues with candor and diplomacy


I have a strong interest in iPhone, and I’m a long-term Apple (AAPL) shareholder and product advocate.  As is evident through my blog, I follow developments in the wireless industry, with a focus on carriers in China, Korea and Japan. Over the years, I’ve written numerous article on mobile telecom in the Pacific Rim and developed friendships with expats, journalists, telecom analysts and app developers in Asia. I speak a bit of Mandarin and enjoy travels throughout Asia.

iPhone International Business Opportunities – iPhone Developer Meetup @ Apple’s Headquarters in Cupertino, September 19, 2009 – Featured Speaker: Dan Butterfield.

image_thumb_0In January 2008, I launched iPhonAsia, a non-commercial site created to share current information on forthcoming iPhone launches throughout Asia. iPhonAsia was awarded a top English language tech blog in China in 2008 and has received numerous mentions in the digital press, including:

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Although just over 1 year old, 572 articles have been posted to iPhonAsia and the site has received over 489,000 site visits along with 390 comments from guests around the world. The majority of iPhonAsia articles relate to the iPhone and the mobile telecom industry in the Pacific Rim. Guests have also contributed posts on a broad array of cultural, sociological and business topics throughout Asia.

iPhonAsia Travelogue Nov. 2009 – Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong:

Respect for Apple Trade Secrets: iPhonAsia is a part-time non-commercial endeavor. Should I join Apple’s ranks in an official capacity, I will shutdown iPhonAsia and cease all blogging activities. I understand and respect the need for Apple employees to maintain strict secrecy policies.